Our Last Good-Bye

Our last good-bye…

Dear you,

Will we ever learn?
Tell me when will we learn?

Because the spaces between us
is getting wider and wider.

I know what we’ve been through
That’s why I still have faith in us.

But again, tell me why?
Why you seem so distant?

Are we gonna give up
for something that never be ours?

Now I wonder who will
be the first saying good-bye….

Find Your Way

Find your way…

Dear you,

Once in a life time
I know that you shouldn’t be the matter
Because you’re not doing anything wrong
You do it for a reason.

Once in a life time
I know that I should make up my mind
Because everything shouldn’t be left unsaid
You deserve an answer.

Once in a life time
I know that we should find our way
Because life is too short to stop
For something that may never be yours.

Your Life

It’s your life…

Dear you,

It’s not your choice to born that way.
Accept it,
There are many reasons to live.

I wish you could understand
that everyone deserves to be happy.
I wish you could understand
that everyone has their weak points.

You can’t always get what you want.
You may get wrong,
You may get hurt,
Cos’ sometimes it helps you to be better.

Just stop comparing yourself to others,
Stop comparing yourself to me
as if I’m the happiest person in the world.

Virtual Love

It’s you, me, and everything about us…

Dear you,

We fall in love
through the screen,
With a person
we’ve never seen.

There’s no touch,
nor hugs and kisses.
There’re only words
and the sounds of voices.

They say its fake,
Virtual love is nothing but a fake.
But we just don’t care,
We’ll just playing fair.

There’re no promises,
We don’t share such things.
There’re only faiths and hopes.
For us to embrace our feelings.

Sometimes we’re afraid of future,
Sometimes we’re afraid of losing each other.
But then we realize
How could we’re so afraid of losing
something that wasn’t even ours?

Love You More Than You Do

I love you more than you do…

Dear you,

These words may not compare to you
You’ve done a lot to me,
And we’ve shared almost
every single moments of our life.

I swear to you,
You deserve someone’s better
but at the same time,
I feel so lucky to have you.

I swear to you,
I may always complain about everything
but your words always keep me calm,
It always touches my untouchable parts.

I swear to you,
I could never hate you,
I couldn’t even mad at you for anything.

I swear to you,
It’s true
that I love you,
more than you do…

The Reason To Write

The reason I write…

Dear you,

I suppose this happen to everyone
Stumble and fall,

People always  try to be stronger,
To move on or to stay
They tend to do anything to
ease the pain.

What should I do?
I’m not a painter.
I can’t draw anything but a mess.

I’m not a musician.
I can’t sing nor play any instruments.

I’m just a poet.

So I just write.
I write because I want to.
I write because that’s the thing I can do.

And I write for a cause
not for applause.

If Only I Could Care Less

If only I could care less…

Dear you,

If only I could care less
I will just listen to my heart.

I will stop hearing people’s thoughts.
I will just doing what I love to do.

If only I could care less
I will open my mind.

I will get lost and found.
I may stumble and fall.

But I won’t give up.
I will live my dream,
and share my passion.

Because life is too short,
to care of everyone else
instead of yourself.