One Day

One day…

Dear you,

There’s a time
when my head against your chest,
and your lips press to my cheek.

There’s a time
when I’ve fallen for your eyes,
hoping that you might see me differently.

There’s a time
when all I could think about
is you and your warm embrace.

I’ve fallen for your eyes, babe.
And I fall in love with you every single day,
hoping that you’ll understand.

Maybe one day,
There’ll be a time
when you love me the way that I do.

And maybe one day,
There’ll be a time
for you and for me…

Say If You Love Somebody New

Say if you love somebody new…

Dear you,

Say if you love somebody new
so I can force myself to letting
you go, far away from me.

Say if you love somebody new
so I can make up my mind
and let this feeling go away.

Say if you love somebody new
’cause I won’t hold you for so long
and I’m tired of these broken things.

Say if you love somebody new
and even in my mind it’s true
that I will always love you.


It’s You

It’s you…

Dear you,

I would never regret the time
we shared together.
Though it’s only a memory now.

I would never forget you
and every little things we do.
Though now I’m already losing  you.

Oh, how I wish I could be with you
and spend the rest of my life,
with sharing every little things to you.

But I know, nothing can last forever
and I know sometimes letting go is
another way to say I love you.

I love you babe,
I love you with all your little things.
And I know that it’s you.

It will always be you
the only one
who can make me feel so right.

I Am Still In Love With You

I am still in love with you…

Dear you,

You told me to let go.
You told me to move on
and build another stories
with anyone else.

You told me that I have so much to give.
You told me that you’re lucky
because you had a chance
to be loved by me.

You told me that I deserve
someone better.
You told me that I’m too precious
and somehow you’re just not good for me.

At that time I lost my words and
my heart was breaking into pieces.
I knew I should let you go.
I knew I should move on.

But how can I move on
when I am still in love with you?


Like We Used To

Like we used to…

Dear you,

It happens every time
If it counts I’ll lose my courage
when I need it the most.

It’s been years, I know.
But it would never change a thing.
It’s still hurt the same.

It happens every year,
In the same date
When I should be the happiest person in the world.

I know one day,
I’ll lose my courage.
I know one day, I need to stop.

But this year,
I still want you.
And I just wish that we could do
every little things like we used to.

You Are The One

You are the one, sweet heart…

Dear you,

I’ve been longing for so long.
I’ve been waiting in uncertainty,
just to be with you.
Because I know, that you are the one.

You are the one,
Who knows me so well,
maybe better than I know myself.

You are the one,
Who still holds my hands
even when another people seems to against me.

You are the one,
Who can make me feel better,
though I am just about to cry.

You are the one,
Who deserves more than just me,
But keep telling me how lucky you are to have me.

You are the one,
Who shows me how to love.
Without even say anything.

You are the one,
Who makes me believe
that real love isn’t just a dream.

Thank you,
for every little things you do
just to make me feel that I’m loved.



Dear you,

It’s happen all the time
When you’re sad,
You just want to be alone,
You push everyone away.

When you’re sad,
You seem so distant,
You hurt everyone with your words.
You’d never notice that you’ve just hurt them too.

When you’re sad,
You become so selfish
You want everyone to understand you,
Without even give them a clue to help you.

I know it’s happen all the time, babe.
When you’re sad,
You might think that you just need some space
to be alone.

But believe me,
Being alone would never help you.
Because loneliness can only kill you,
little by little, for sure.