A Poem To The Birthday Boy

A poem to the birthday boy …

Dear you,

There was never any more happiness than there is now,
nor any more youth than there is now,
and will never be any more love than there is now.

Lots of Birthday gifts, greetings, hopes,
gather in the same precious day.
alter you, special person, in this special day.

There was never be any more light than there is now,
nor any more embrace than there is now,
smile, birthday boy, it’s your day!

Lots of cakes, candles, sweet memorable cards,
spread around the rooms, to you, to you, the birthday boy.

I, myself, the writer itself
smile with a slight of delight, writing this poem
to you.

Celebrating Our Ending

Celebrating our ending…

Dear you,

I celebrate myself
for pushing you away,
building everything up
with my own self.

I celebrate myself
for letting you go,
healing every single
aches in my heart.

I celebrate myself
and sing myself,
And what I dream about
is something you couldn’t give.

I celebrate myself
and sing myself,
And with this- our favorite song,
I’ll say Good-bye to you.

I Am Tired Of You

I am tired of you…

Dear you,

I am tired of you-
your complaints, your sadness,
irritate me, torture me in a way
I could never explain.

You cry to me,
blaming the world
for your troubles,
though that’s your fault for choosing it.

You make me listen,
all you complaints without even
ask if I’m alright or not.
You just keep complaint.

You make me there for you,
be the one for you to hold,
and to listen you,
to comfort you.

You were my baby
and I loved you.
But now I know,
I am tired of you.

I need my own happiness,
without you keep comparing it
with yours.

I need a space from you-
I need you to stop,
to change,
to let me go.

13 Days After Your Birthday


13 days after your birthday …

Dear you,

13 days after your birthday,
with a letter in my hand-
full of thousand thoughts
I barely tell you.

13 days after your birthday,
I still hold a little gift I’ve made-
full of thousand feelings
left unsaid.

13 days after your birthday,
with tears down my cheek-
I still write your name
in every pages of my note.

13 days after your birthday,
I still feel your warm embrace
that would never be mine-



Dear you,

I saw her crying in the crowd,
Her tears fell into her reddish cheeks.
She tried to hide and stop it,
as she bite her lips and looked into the sky.

But even the sky were against her.
And the rain just started to fall down
as her tears wetting her cheek.

She felt so alone,
and I could feel it by just looking at her eyes.
There was a deep sadness.
And I had no clue if someone could help her.

She is a kind of woman
that gets addictive to a certain kind of sadness.
She is a kind of woman,
I surely believe even of the happiest woman in this world
fell that kind of sadness.

I Miss You

I miss you…

Dear you,

I miss you,
I miss you so much
until I can’t even think
any single thing beside you.

I miss you,
I miss you so much
until I find it so hard
to let things go.

I miss you,
I miss you so much
and it hurts
to know that you won’t feel the same.

I miss you, babe
I miss you so much
until I always come to you undone
So you can make me whole.