Let Me Know You.


Dear you,

Sometimes I wish
that you could understand me.
So I don’t need to explain it
or describe my feeling towards you.

Sometimes I wish
that you could be blunt.
So I could show you my feelings
and share my secrets.

Sometimes I wish
that you somehow notice it.
So there’s no more space
between us.

Be honest to me
and let me know it.
Let me know you,
so I could show my love to you.


Let It Be

Dear you,

It might sound crazy
but sometimes we do get so much happiness
from people that don’t even know us.

It might sound strange
that we crave for something
we know exactly far from reality.

Its happens sometimes,
so don’t worry about it.

Sometimes, they talk through their words.
Sometimes, their songs understand us
better than others can do.

So let it be,
as long as it makes you happy.


Goodbye For Now

Dear you,

Sometimes saying goodbye
is a better way to love.
Saying goodbye never means that
we stop to love.
Sometimes it means that
we care enough to give choices.

I would never force you to stay
nor I would keep you by side
if you don’t want it.
I let you to choose
and I’m happy with every choice you’ve made.

I let you go
but that does mean I let my feelings go.

How Could I Define You?

Dear you,

He was asking about you.
And what should I say?
There is no us
And you are just you.

You were my love,
My one, my only word.
But you left me
And I let you.

He kept asking about you.
What should I say?
I couldn’t define you
Not anymore.

You are just you.
You are just like any other guy
We might be in the same path
But we chose to fall apart.

I Am Tired Of You

I am tired of you…

Dear you,

I am tired of you-
your complaints, your sadness,
irritate me, torture me in a way
I could never explain.

You cry to me,
blaming the world
for your troubles,
though that’s your fault for choosing it.

You make me listen,
all you complaints without even
ask if I’m alright or not.
You just keep complaint.

You make me there for you,
be the one for you to hold,
and to listen you,
to comfort you.

You were my baby
and I loved you.
But now I know,
I am tired of you.

I need my own happiness,
without you keep comparing it
with yours.

I need a space from you-
I need you to stop,
to change,
to let me go.

13 Days After Your Birthday


13 days after your birthday …

Dear you,

13 days after your birthday,
with a letter in my hand-
full of thousand thoughts
I barely tell you.

13 days after your birthday,
I still hold a little gift I’ve made-
full of thousand feelings
left unsaid.

13 days after your birthday,
with tears down my cheek-
I still write your name
in every pages of my note.

13 days after your birthday,
I still feel your warm embrace
that would never be mine-