The Frequent Question

Dear you,

For those moments apart
I wonder what did I do
to deserve you in my life.

I must be doing something great
till I deserve a chance to meet you,
to be loved by you.

I should admit that sometimes,
I wonder what you see in me.
What makes you fall for me.

I know I’m just a dreamer
until you come into my life.
Tell me again, babe
What did I do to deserve you in my life…


You Are Enough


Dear you,

Sometimes you have to
get a nerve to start over
Stop worrying things
that might not happen.

You’re too precious
to think that you’re not enough.
You are enough
You are enough for someone.

Don’t let him treat you bad
and make you believe
that you’re not enough for him
Because in fact, you are enough.

You are enough to be loved
You are enough to feel the love.
You are more than just enough
for someone who treat you like that.

Leave him, girl.
You’ll find someone better.

Find Your Way

Find your way…

Dear you,

Once in a life time
I know that you shouldn’t be the matter
Because you’re not doing anything wrong
You do it for a reason.

Once in a life time
I know that I should make up my mind
Because everything shouldn’t be left unsaid
You deserve an answer.

Once in a life time
I know that we should find our way
Because life is too short to stop
For something that may never be yours.

Love You More Than You Do

I love you more than you do…

Dear you,

These words may not compare to you
You’ve done a lot to me,
And we’ve shared almost
every single moments of our life.

I swear to you,
You deserve someone’s better
but at the same time,
I feel so lucky to have you.

I swear to you,
I may always complain about everything
but your words always keep me calm,
It always touches my untouchable parts.

I swear to you,
I could never hate you,
I couldn’t even mad at you for anything.

I swear to you,
It’s true
that I love you,
more than you do…

Thousands Of Reasons

Thousands of reasons…

Dear you,

I wonder why it should be me,
I am just not good for you.
I can’t be there for you.
I don’t deserve you.

I wonder why it should be me.
You  are too good for me.
You deserve someone better.
and we are just too good to be true.

Baby, tell me why it should be me?
Because I know that
You are always be the one who loves me
even when I give you thousands of reasons not to.


My Answer

My answer…

Dear you,

I keep questioning myself,
Why do you choose me?
Why do you love me?
Why do you care of me?

You know I can’t do this to you.
People like me will just hurt you.
My love can’t compare to yours.
I don’t even know to say it without hurting yours.

I don’t deserve you.
Or we can just say that
you deserve someone’s better.
Better than me.

But I guess you’ve made up your mind.
You choose to love me.
You take any risk of getting hurt.
Now, let me tell you what I will do.

I will let you love me.
I will learn how to love.
I will trust you.
And make believe that we can make it through .