Thank You Note


Dear you,

I should thank you for every single things you’ve done to me. You brought so many happiness into my life. Life would never seem so bright and delight without you. You brought me into smile and taught me how to trust someone. You showed me what love is and made me feel to be loved. I loved how you cup my cheek and said that everything is okay. I loved how you hold my hands and made me know your presence just by staying with me. I loved how you embraced and cheered me up when I was down. I loved how you kiss me softly and made me believe that this love is eternal.

Thank you for being exist. Thank you for finding me in my darkest past. Thank you for saving my life and accepting me the way that I am.  Thank you for loving me.


Your love.

Goodbye For Now

Dear you,

Sometimes saying goodbye
is a better way to love.
Saying goodbye never means that
we stop to love.
Sometimes it means that
we care enough to give choices.

I would never force you to stay
nor I would keep you by side
if you don’t want it.
I let you to choose
and I’m happy with every choice you’ve made.

I let you go
but that does mean I let my feelings go.