All The Things That I Want

Dear you,

Sometimes I want to scream so loud
for I want you to understand
that I’ve been trying so hard to let go
and it kills me to admit that we’re done.

Sometimes I want to cry over and over
for I want to let all the feelings go away
so I will let go and won’t hold onto
every broken promises that we shared.

Sometimes I just want to write
all the things that I feel
so you will understand,
how hard it is for me to move on.

Sometimes I just want to be alone
because it will saves me
from every single things that might hurt me.

I know,
It will save me from getting hurt.
It will save me from you.

She Deserves Your Love


Dear you,

I hope one day you could understand
that no matter how hard you try to come back
You won’t be able to stand
for our love is done, so don’t ever look back.

I wish one day you could realize
that there’s a girl who’s waiting for you
and if you could give her a chance,
maybe she could love you more than I ever do.

Give her a chance to love you,
for every single effort that she does.
She truly loves you,
I can tell from the way she looks in your eyes.

She is nice and somehow
I believe she can bring the best in you.
She is better than me
and the important thing is,

She loves you while I don’t.

Love Myself


Dear you,

I close my eyes
and my mind goes to our first meet.
We were young,
dumb, and free.

I once thought that
my life will be miserable without you.
Actually, it’s not that bad.
I’m totally fine without you.

Sometimes, I wonder
what makes me strong.
Sometimes, I wonder
what makes me stop holding on.

Maybe, it’s love.
But it’s not the same love.
This love isn’t about you.
Not anymore.

This love is about me.
I love myself,
and I’m happy for all that I am.

Now, I know
that deep inside my heart
I deserve to be loved
especially, by myself.

Irresistible Love


Dear you,

Tell me how does it feel
to be loved by you.
Tell me how does it feel
to be the one you’re dreaming to.

I swear that
I give my heart to you
though I know
you don’t want me to.

Tell me how does it feel
to be the one you’re writing song for
I know it won’t be me
though I’ve known you for so long.

Oh baby, tell me is it right
to let my heart falls for you
though I’ve already known
that you will just break my heart in two…

The Way You Call Me


Dear you,

I force myself to be strong
for I want you know
that I’m fine without you.

I force myself to be free
for I want you see
the real me.

I force myself to move on
for I want you know
that  I’ve finally let go.

But baby, it wasn’t so easy
and it feels like millennium
to get over you.

It’s always uneasy
for I miss the way you call me
beautiful like it’s just my name.

Something That’s Already Gone

Dear you,

I know I shouldn’t write you this
for I want you to move on.
I just can’t help this
because I know you still hold on.

I know that you still care
and somehow that’s hurt.
I just want you to let go
and live your life.

You should care much of yourself.
I can take care of myself.
So don’t worry about me.
I’ll be fine, I swear.

You shouldn’t ruin your life for me.
Just move on,
and stop waiting for something
that’s already gone.

Let It Be

Dear you,

It might sound crazy
but sometimes we do get so much happiness
from people that don’t even know us.

It might sound strange
that we crave for something
we know exactly far from reality.

Its happens sometimes,
so don’t worry about it.

Sometimes, they talk through their words.
Sometimes, their songs understand us
better than others can do.

So let it be,
as long as it makes you happy.