A Poetry About You


Dear you,

Is it hard to write a poetry?
Well, if you asked me
the answer will be just easy.
Yes, it’s easy.

Writing poetry about you is easy.
Because the feeling is here,
and I can tell hundred things
I feel about you.

I can write all day
and somehow it’s still not enough.
Even a book about you is nothing
compare to your touch.

Writing a poetry is easy
Because poetry doesn’t need to rhyme
It just needs to reflect you
so you can understand it.


Tragedy of Love


Dear you,

You know, sometimes I wonder
What do you think about me
or when do you think of me

I think you’re enough
and I do think about you,
a lot. More than I should do.

I’ve been addicted to you
and somehow I’m afraid that
there’ll be one day that you’ll stop to care.

Then it’s happen.
You’ve gone.
Now, I wonder how you will see me.

Am I a girl that you loved
or a girl that you left?

My Excuse


Dear you,

People ask me
how do I know that it’s love.
Oh, how should I explain it?

We know that we could never define love.
Love is not something to be defined.
It’s something to be felt.
Feel it and you’ll understand.

People ask me
how do I know that you’re my love.
My love.
Oh, how should I explain my love for you?

We know that my love for you is true.
And I know that I start loving you
the day I excuse every single
thing you do to break my heart.

Beautiful Sad Eyes


Dear you,

I saw a boy with a beautiful eyes.
I looked deep into his eyes,
And I knew, it’s the most beautiful thing
that I’ve ever seen.

But I was so sad.
Because all  I could see in his eyes
was just sadness.
And nothing I could do to help him.

He was a boy with beautiful sad eyes.
You could see his soul through his eyes.
Just be careful.
It would break your heart.

Because no matter how hard you tried
to make him smile.
In the end you could only see sadness
in his eyes.

I Let You Go


Dear you,

It’s been a while
Yes, I know.
We’ve moved on
and some how it feels good.

I write this to tell you
that I’m fine
and even though it sounds impossible
I can manage my feelings.

I’m happy now
and by saying that I wish
you felt the same way.
This will be best for us.

Letting go is not always bad
Sometimes, that’s just the right thing to do
Not because we stop loving each other
But more because we realize
that love doesn’t always mean to be together.

All The Things That I Want

Dear you,

Sometimes I want to scream so loud
for I want you to understand
that I’ve been trying so hard to let go
and it kills me to admit that we’re done.

Sometimes I want to cry over and over
for I want to let all the feelings go away
so I will let go and won’t hold onto
every broken promises that we shared.

Sometimes I just want to write
all the things that I feel
so you will understand,
how hard it is for me to move on.

Sometimes I just want to be alone
because it will saves me
from every single things that might hurt me.

I know,
It will save me from getting hurt.
It will save me from you.

She Deserves Your Love


Dear you,

I hope one day you could understand
that no matter how hard you try to come back
You won’t be able to stand
for our love is done, so don’t ever look back.

I wish one day you could realize
that there’s a girl who’s waiting for you
and if you could give her a chance,
maybe she could love you more than I ever do.

Give her a chance to love you,
for every single effort that she does.
She truly loves you,
I can tell from the way she looks in your eyes.

She is nice and somehow
I believe she can bring the best in you.
She is better than me
and the important thing is,

She loves you while I don’t.