The Same Ending.

Dear you,

Tell me who’s to blame?
For making it feels so terrible.
Tell me who’s to blame?
For I’ve been so tired to feel this way.

I know,
I shouldn’t let me off of guard.
I know,
I should resist you from the start.

Because it’s always end up like this.
We are always too good to be true.
And I know you’ll leave me,
once I start falling for you.

How Could I Define You?

Dear you,

He was asking about you.
And what should I say?
There is no us
And you are just you.

You were my love,
My one, my only word.
But you left me
And I let you.

He kept asking about you.
What should I say?
I couldn’t define you
Not anymore.

You are just you.
You are just like any other guy
We might be in the same path
But we chose to fall apart.

Move On

Dear you,

It’s not move on,
when his face appears
whenever you close your eyes.

It’s not move on
when his embrace is all that you want
whenever you’re sad.

It’s not move on,
when you keep telling
yourself that you’ve moved on.

It’s move on
when you accept
everything that happen in the past
and walk for the future.