If Your Man Truly Loves You


Dear you,

You should know
that if your man truly loves you

He will profess you.

He will tell the world that you’re
his lady, his queen, his lover.
He would never hide you.

He will provide you

Maybe he won’t be always around you
but he will do anything to make sure
you get anything that you need.

He will protect you

He would never let anyone hurt you
not even himself.
He would make sure that you are always save.

You should know
That’s how he shows his love.
And if your man truly loves you
He would never give up on you.

The Nice Person


missing-you-sad-girl-face-paintingDear you,

I know that you’re broken
but it doesn’t mean that you could break another heart.
I know you’ve been hurt
but it’s still wrong to hurt another soul.

Don’t be rude
just because someone treat you that way.
Be nice
because you are much more than them.

They might be treat you bad
They might hurt you
They might be rude to you
And they might make you cry

But please, just be yourself .
You’re a nice person
And you’re always be a nice person
Don’t let them change you.



Words Stab Like a Knife


Dear you,

I won’t tell you that I regret this
It’s just hurt
And somehow I can barely heal.

I thought I could trust you
I could rely on you
But maybe that’s not true.

I shouldn’t let me off of guard
I shouldn’t let you see my weakness
I shouldn’t let you in.

I should be strong
Strong enough to move on
Strong enough to go through.

A Little Note For You


Dear you,

I shouldn’t have stopped writing
for you’re still here with me
You’re my muse
and somehow you’re more than that.

I could write you a poetry
and to hear you reading it
will light up my entire world
with indescribable feeling.

I love to write about you
not because I want to show them off
but more because I want you to know my feelings.
I really hope you can feel it…


Lost in You


Dear you,

Have you ever lost in books
that the more you read it,
the more you get the feeling.

Have you ever stayed all night
just to keep reading those pages
and somehow you can’t
get enough of it.

Have you ever feel like losing
half of your soul when
you’re at the end of the pages
and you know that this is the ending.

Have you ever felt that way?
But this time,
You don’t feel it in a book.
You feel it in a person.

Happy Ending


Dear you,

To love a book is to travel
because you can travel through the words
To love a book is to reflect
because you can cry and smile when you read it,
and somehow book really knows how you feel.

I love you as much as I love books,
somehow I love you much more than that.
I love to read you, all those emotions
that you show and share.

I love you like I love books
And somehow I want you to know
That I love happy ending book.
I wish that’s the ending of us.