2:17 A.M

silhouette of man during nighttime

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Dear you,

2:17 a.m.

Your beautiful eyes are covered. Some time ago you’ve fallen asleep. I’m still awake though. Thinking about us. Darling, right now, when I am writing this message, I listen to your soft breathing. Your peace and trust. You wouldn’t believe how happy I am, listening to this silence. Achievement bigger than any ordinary person can imagine. No one except you, will find out, what I’m talking about. I’m holding keys to something bigger, than anything known to people. I have us and feelings between us. I have you in the middle of the night. You didn’t have to, but you choose to call me. You choose me, just like I am choosing you. My happiness, our circle of love.

Are you ever worried? What if this is temporary? We’re filled with millions of thoughts, but meeting right person erases everything. In my passion for you I stand proud, I stand high. With every day I am closer to believing, that you were written for me. Just like now, you can sleep peacefully, because I am the right one for you. Believe in this, Love. It slowly grows in my heart, the divine plan to connect our hearts and bodies together. Answering to the question from the beginning – I am who I am and I became one with myself, ready to be one with you, in the circle of love. You have my feelings for yourself. I’m with you constantly. Till the end of time and beyond.

I’m waiting for the day, when I will lay my hands on your beautiful face again. I shake when I think about you. I mean it honey. That’s all I ever needed and everything I could ask for. In your eyes I see blends of feelings yet to be discovered. Yet to be given names. You’re my inspiration during daytime and passion in the middle of the night.


My Love

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Dear you,

Darling. You’re my whole world. I want every second of my life with you. I should be long time ago in bed, but I cannot finish a day without writing something for you. I love to imagine your smile, when you will read this. So please, don’t say “sorry for keeping you awake”, you’re my sweetest girl, I love to text you.

You know, I don’t live just like that. I live from your voice to your letter. From your kiss, to your touch. From memories of afternoon in Bira, to fantasy of wedding in nearest future. I live life according to my playstyle, but I guide it to you. All my paths.

I hardly adapt to incoming week, after weekend titled with our passion. I still don’t think properly, you’re my drug babe. I’m a copycat of your words now, but gosh, that’s so true and accurate.

Everyday I thank God for having you. Darling, I think, that you still don’t know how much I love you. Well, you probably do, but do you have any idea, how lucky I feel? I didn’t have faith in love, until I met you. I was a goner. Now, all I do, has a purpose, I always looked for.

Please, let me stop for a while with noble words. Let me be down to the earth. Listen darling. You’re in my head all the time. Everyday I ask myself what am I doing to deserve you in my life. I feel like I’m looping, saying same stuff. Babe, same things aren’t that bad, when we think of them as a category of true and everlasting stuff right? I want to have you everyday. Kiss and touch. Keep you safe, loved and self confident. I’ll make it different every time, but reason stays the same. You. You are center of my heart. You have it. It’s you or no one.

I wish I could write something prettier now, but I’m so tired. Please enjoy this letter cuttie. I’ll find time to speak out of my heart more and more. I will make my way to you. I want to come home, where you are waiting for me. I want to carry you on my hands. Lay down, read books. Touch you. Darling, every second of my time is to make you feel loved. That’s it!

What’s happening between us lately? I want more. Only with you. You are woman of my life.

I’m so shy to text you. I want to write something beautiful, but I’m so sleepy…

Till I will catch up with responsibilities, please know one thing sweetheart. What is happening between me and you, this is it! That’s what I always wanted from life.

Oh darling, I am your man.

Blissful Kiss

silhouettes of couple kissing against sunset

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Dear you,

Honey, bless me with your kiss
That’s it, that’s the thing I miss

Find me, when the time is right
For us, there should be longer night

When we’ll be alone, I want to touch you
My feelings are everlasting breakthrough

Our Moment

landscape photography of mountain

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Dear you,

Maybe it was always there.

During those days.

I couldn’t see the moments.

I was concerned about future.
But the present didn’t dissolve.

Now it gently whispers to me.

Every evening and night.

Beautiful reminder.
Spoon hitting the glass.

Food on a table and jasmine tea.

Your footsteps and gentle touch.

Crystal voice and pearl smile.
Family’s support and love.

Euphoria on the trips.

Fatigue in a bus.

Warmth of hands in a cab.
I dedicate every day to us.

Hours spent on memories.

I see clearly my plan for you.

You and me, my love.

Your Endless Story

light hands woman books

Dear you,

I’m thinking of you when I’m reading a book.
The scene looks so beautiful when you are in it.
The story sounds amazing and splendid.

I wanna read you a story.
One that makes you smile.
One that makes you remember me.

For I want to be your endless story not your history.


Warmth of Real Home

person giving keys on man

Dear you,

I found consolation in urban rush.

Maybe old tenement houses did their charm.

Or flocks of pigeons walking on pavement.
They worked hard to draw away my attention.
But one second later… the warm air…

It touched my face and I felt again.

Warmth of real home.
You waking me up.
Entire city isn’t worth your one touch.

Entire world knows I miss you too much.

Too Good To Be True

Sometimes I wonder
What did I do to deserve someone like you?
Someone who’s real.
Someone who’s honest.

Sometimes I wonder
How could it even possible to meet you?
Maybe it was a fate,
Maybe it was just our destiny.

I wasn’t looking for love
until I found you.
I wasn’t ready for love
until I knew it’s you.

Oh darling,
You’re just like a dream.
And sometimes it hurts, 
to admit that you are too good to be true.