A Little Reminder


Dear you,

I hope you’re smiling now
Cos’ there’re lots of things
that are waiting for you.

I wish you could believe in yourself
as much as I believe in you.
Believe it, You matter.

Be brave, honey
You truly are more than you think
You’re precious.

And by that,
I want you to know that
you don’t have to be ordinary.

Because you’re already special to me.


I Haven’t Known You.


Dear you,

I haven’t known you.
No. Not yet.
But you’ve captivated me
with all those gorgeous eyes.

I haven’t known you.
No. Not yet.
So tell me what’s so wrong with me?
For I’ve been craving your attention.

Could it be love?
For I can’t get you off of my mind…
Could it be love?
For all that I hear is just your mesmerizing laugh…

I haven’t known you.
No. Not yet.
But I’ll do anything to get to know you
So, I can love you better…

My Darling


Dear you,

I wish I could write you more
for I know you’ve been struggling with your life.
I wish I could hold you
for I want you to notice that I’m here for you.

You should know that no words can describe you.
Though I still wish I could write a poem about you
I know it’ll be such a mess
for you are such a indescribably greatest thing that happen in my life.

Should you be the last thing I see?
Won’t you know that you’re enough for me?
For all that you are is all that I’ve ever needed…

I wish that we could be together.
Forever till we are in heaven,
For there’s no heaven without you…


A Little Note For You


Dear you,

I shouldn’t have stopped writing
for you’re still here with me
You’re my muse
and somehow you’re more than that.

I could write you a poetry
and to hear you reading it
will light up my entire world
with indescribable feeling.

I love to write about you
not because I want to show them off
but more because I want you to know my feelings.
I really hope you can feel it…


A Poetry About You


Dear you,

Is it hard to write a poetry?
Well, if you asked me
the answer will be just easy.
Yes, it’s easy.

Writing poetry about you is easy.
Because the feeling is here,
and I can tell hundred things
I feel about you.

I can write all day
and somehow it’s still not enough.
Even a book about you is nothing
compare to your touch.

Writing a poetry is easy
Because poetry doesn’t need to rhyme
It just needs to reflect you
so you can understand it.


The Way You Call Me


Dear you,

I force myself to be strong
for I want you know
that I’m fine without you.

I force myself to be free
for I want you see
the real me.

I force myself to move on
for I want you know
that  I’ve finally let go.

But baby, it wasn’t so easy
and it feels like millennium
to get over you.

It’s always uneasy
for I miss the way you call me
beautiful like it’s just my name.