Wrong Love


Dear you,

Tell me what’s wrong with this feeling?
He said, “Nothing’s wrong.”

But deep down I know,
There must be something wrong in us.
Maybe it’s me.
Maybe it’s you.
Or maybe we are just wrong for each other.

There’s nothing wrong in this feeling.
Love would never feel so wrong.
But loving a wrong person is.


The Strange Thing


tumblr_ntxgmawea51qavliso1_500Dear you,

Isn’t it strange
to think about you more and more?
Isn’t it strange
to wonder what you’re searching for?

Of course
It’s strange
but sometimes,
you just don’t care.

I know it’s strange
for us to end up this way
We can’t be a lover
yet we can’t be just friend.

If Your Man Truly Loves You


Dear you,

You should know
that if your man truly loves you

He will profess you.

He will tell the world that you’re
his lady, his queen, his lover.
He would never hide you.

He will provide you

Maybe he won’t be always around you
but he will do anything to make sure
you get anything that you need.

He will protect you

He would never let anyone hurt you
not even himself.
He would make sure that you are always save.

You should know
That’s how he shows his love.
And if your man truly loves you
He would never give up on you.

A Little Note For You


Dear you,

I shouldn’t have stopped writing
for you’re still here with me
You’re my muse
and somehow you’re more than that.

I could write you a poetry
and to hear you reading it
will light up my entire world
with indescribable feeling.

I love to write about you
not because I want to show them off
but more because I want you to know my feelings.
I really hope you can feel it…


Beautiful Sad Eyes


Dear you,

I saw a boy with a beautiful eyes.
I looked deep into his eyes,
And I knew, it’s the most beautiful thing
that I’ve ever seen.

But I was so sad.
Because all  I could see in his eyes
was just sadness.
And nothing I could do to help him.

He was a boy with beautiful sad eyes.
You could see his soul through his eyes.
Just be careful.
It would break your heart.

Because no matter how hard you tried
to make him smile.
In the end you could only see sadness
in his eyes.