I Miss You

Dear you,

I feel the urge to tell you this.
I miss you.
More than I can tell.

I miss you.
And it kills me to know that I can’t reach you.
No. Not yet.

I miss you today.
And I know I’ll miss you more tomorrow.
Right now I just know that I miss you, I really do.

Do you miss me the way I do?
or do you miss me even more than I do…


Know Me Better


Dear you,

What should I say
if  you’ve already known
all the things that I wanna say.

What should I explain
if you’ve already understood
the reason all the things I do.

I wish I could tell you
I wish I could show you
But how can I do it…
when you know me better than I do.

Move On

Dear you,

It’s not move on,
when his face appears
whenever you close your eyes.

It’s not move on
when his embrace is all that you want
whenever you’re sad.

It’s not move on,
when you keep telling
yourself that you’ve moved on.

It’s move on
when you accept
everything that happen in the past
and walk for the future.