Let Me Know You.


Dear you,

Sometimes I wish
that you could understand me.
So I don’t need to explain it
or describe my feeling towards you.

Sometimes I wish
that you could be blunt.
So I could show you my feelings
and share my secrets.

Sometimes I wish
that you somehow notice it.
So there’s no more space
between us.

Be honest to me
and let me know it.
Let me know you,
so I could show my love to you.


Worthless Words.


Dear you,

I love you,” he said.
But I said, “No…”

Oh Love,
I hope you’ll understand.

That sometimes we
don’t need a declaration.
All we need is an action.

And by that,
we know that you truly care.

A Little Reminder


Dear you,

I hope you’re smiling now
Cos’ there’re lots of things
that are waiting for you.

I wish you could believe in yourself
as much as I believe in you.
Believe it, You matter.

Be brave, honey
You truly are more than you think
You’re precious.

And by that,
I want you to know that
you don’t have to be ordinary.

Because you’re already special to me.

One More Reasons To Believe

Dear you,

I’m fascinated with your answer.

I wonder what will you say if I directly ask it to you.

But I guess I would never have a gut to ask it.


It begins with one word.

One little things that could destroy everything or even start it all over again.

But still, I guess it wouldn’t change anything for you.


But tonight,

Let me know the truth.

Tell me more about it since I keep asking you for the reason.


It always hurts to know that I always be one of those girls.

But I guess, I can handle it now.

Just tell me if you’ve already forget me.

Tell me if you’ve already found a better girl.

Tell me that you’re happy with her.


Just please, don’t tell me that you never love me…



Thousand Tears


Dear you,

When you’re alone, do you think of me?

Will you think of me since a side of me is missing you so bad. A part of me is thinking about you. Still and always think about you.

When you love, do you love for me?

Will you really love for me since I know there’s a part of my heart that always fall for you. I know that part would never replace you even though I try my best to replace you with any other man. That part would never allow me to do it. Never ever.


But it’s always hard to face the truth.

Since I know I could cry a thousand tears in front of you… Yet you’ll just look at me then turn and walk away.


The Idea of Love

Dear you,

The idea of love is a secret,

A truth of self discovery.

I know, it’s you who helps me find out the best thing in me. It always been you who brings me into the way I am tonight. It’s you. Only you.

The idea of love is a secret,

A truth of finding the best one, not the imaginary.

I know, it’s you who always be my baby. It’s you, the one that I miss. The only thing that I want.

The idea of love is a secret,

A truth of letting go, since I know you always be anything that I want.

And we both know, what I want is what I’ve never got.