Irresistible Love


Dear you,

Tell me how does it feel
to be loved by you.
Tell me how does it feel
to be the one you’re dreaming to.

I swear that
I give my heart to you
though I know
you don’t want me to.

Tell me how does it feel
to be the one you’re writing song for
I know it won’t be me
though I’ve known you for so long.

Oh baby, tell me is it right
to let my heart falls for you
though I’ve already known
that you will just break my heart in two…


Missing You

I hate days like today…

Dear you,

I hate days like today,
when everything I see
reminds me of you.

I hate days like today,
when every single song I hear,
somehow relates to you.

I hate days like today,
when every single person I meet
somehow looks like you.

I hate days like today,
I always hate days like today.

I hate those days
when you are so far away,
miles away,
from me.

Celebrating Our Ending

Celebrating our ending…

Dear you,

I celebrate myself
for pushing you away,
building everything up
with my own self.

I celebrate myself
for letting you go,
healing every single
aches in my heart.

I celebrate myself
and sing myself,
And what I dream about
is something you couldn’t give.

I celebrate myself
and sing myself,
And with this- our favorite song,
I’ll say Good-bye to you.

Last Song


Dear you,

“Listen to this song,” he said. That was the very first time you told me about your favorite music genre, your favorite band. That time, I was just smile and nodded my head. I did hear the music but it wasn’t because I really want to hear them. I listen them because of you. Because I want to know you more. Because I want to hear the song that always makes your day.

So here I am. I still do listen to that song. I keep repeating it all the time. The song is totally touchy, sad and more of that just for me. The lyrics perfectly fit on me. The lyrics feed my soul in the way that I could never explain.  I am addicted to this song.

So here you are, smiling instead of giving me a smirk. “I know you will like this song,” he said.  All that I want to say is; “No baby, I don’t like this song but I do love this song. I love the lyrics. I love the rhyme. And I should say I love you more for telling me such this precious song.” But I didn’t say it. I just give him a smile– a kind of lovable and peaceful smile– and keep all that I want to say inside of me.

“This song was saved my life in a way that you’ve done to me” he said while pulling me into his arms, tugging me a soft unmissable kiss.


It’s not the song that makes you emotional,
it’s the people and things that come to your mind when you hear it.


Another Night Wasted On You

Dear you,

This feeling is just keep tearing me apart.

And I scream every words you couldn’t hear.

I know I shouldn’t be alone in this boulevard.

But guess whom I want to be here?



Yeah, it’s you. It seems like I’m fooling myself. But still, it’s just you.


Tonight, I know I can’t count every stars. I also can’t tell you how much I wished for those lucky stars. But you should know, I just ask for one wish. I may  not asking for your love since I know you would never give it. I may not asking you to take a look of me, again. I may not asking you to be the old you.

I just want to hear your voice. It’s been a long time since the last time I hear you sing.


The First Song


Dear you,

I just notice that there’s a part of my name in the first song you told me. It’s your song that has already change my world. It’s your song that always make me cry. It’s your song that has everything in me.

You just told me it once.

And  it just takes second to fall in love for you but why it takes ages just to forget you?


The Chorus

Dear you,

Pop and rock; You and I. You know that I love to sing. You know we’re so into in music. As the rhyme brings the melody. As the music turns to loud. You cry as I sing you a lullaby. I cry as you whispering me a serenade.
The Chorus is still the same. Nothing change. The only thing that’s different is us. You and I.

We both know, I hate this song. Because it was written for you…