Dear you,

Don’t expect the word
will be fair to you
because it wouldn’t
that’s the way things are.

Don’t treat yourself
like you’re the only who has problems
because people have their problem
they’re just wise enough to solve it
rather than complain it
to the world.


If Only I Could Care Less

If only I could care less…

Dear you,

If only I could care less
I will just listen to my heart.

I will stop hearing people’s thoughts.
I will just doing what I love to do.

If only I could care less
I will open my mind.

I will get lost and found.
I may stumble and fall.

But I won’t give up.
I will live my dream,
and share my passion.

Because life is too short,
to care of everyone else
instead of yourself.

The Princess Inside Of You

Every girl is a princess…

Dear you,

Stand up,
because you are stronger
than what you think you are.

Chin up,
because you are so beautiful
even when you think you are not.

because you deserve to be happy
for every little things
that happens in your life.

You are the princess.
You are so beautiful,
in your own way.

You should be happy.
You deserve to be happy
because you are loved.


I Love You, Collin…

Dear you,

When I’m in love,
I should’ve never
believed my eyes
because everything I see
is nothing but your most captivating smile.

When I’m in love,
I should’ve never
believe my ears
because everything I hear
is nothing but your perfect husky voice.

When I’m in love,
I should’ve never
believe my nose
because everything Ismell
is nothing but your irresistible scent.

When I’m in love,
I should’ve never
believe my brain
because there’s nothing but you
that always in my mind.

But when I’m in love,
I should’ve just
believe my heart.
Because it’ll help me
to find out that there’s nothing wrong
with fall in love.

After all you should’ve known
that I can’t help from fallin’
in love with you, my Collin.


I Won’t Hesitate Choosing You

I Won’t Hesitate To Choose You, Babe…

Dear you,

I won’t hesitate to tell you
that I’m in love with you
all over again
and again and again.

I won’t hesitate to wait you
all night and all day
and it’s all by myself
all by myself.

I won’t hesitate to keep
my heart broken
because one day,
you might heal it with the love.

I won’t hesitate to choose you, babe.
Because  it’s all about your touch,
your kiss, and every little things you do
just to make me feel alive.

Calculus Love

Dear you,

First, I’m gonna say that it’s not my work. Someone gave this to me. It was sweet and I liked the way it is.

Smile of a late winter’s night
when she messaged me without any sight
and I talked to her most through the night
and she was wonderful, sublime, and filled with light.

As a human I loved her,
as a woman she was miraculous,
as a human I wanted to tell her
that as a woman she’s cooler than calculus.

Written by Jeremiah.