Worthless Words.


Dear you,

I love you,” he said.
But I said, “No…”

Oh Love,
I hope you’ll understand.

That sometimes we
don’t need a declaration.
All we need is an action.

And by that,
we know that you truly care.


Something That’s Already Gone

Dear you,

I know I shouldn’t write you this
for I want you to move on.
I just can’t help this
because I know you still hold on.

I know that you still care
and somehow that’s hurt.
I just want you to let go
and live your life.

You should care much of yourself.
I can take care of myself.
So don’t worry about me.
I’ll be fine, I swear.

You shouldn’t ruin your life for me.
Just move on,
and stop waiting for something
that’s already gone.

The One That He Deserves


Dear you,

Tell me, how am I supposed to do
when I think of you when he touches me?
Tell me, how am I supposed to do
when I feel your embrace instead of him hugging me?

I wish I could get over you,
or else I could fall for him
because you are fake, unreal
and I do deserve someone’s better.

This case, he deserves me better
He does care of me, more than you do
He helps me smile instead of making me cry
But why I couldn’t get you of my mind.

Tell me, how am I supposed to do
when you keep haunting me,
killing me by those memories,
conquering me with the broken feeling?

Tell me, how am I supposed to do
when all I wanna do is forget you,
so I could give him a chance,
and  I could be the one that he deserves.