I Will Understand


Dear you,

Let me be blunt to you.
Maybe you don’t expect this
but let me tell you one thing.

I love you
and if you don’t love me,
as I do you;
I will understand…

Just please…
don’t make me feel wanted
when all you wanna do
is just leaving me broken.


My Darling


Dear you,

I wish I could write you more
for I know you’ve been struggling with your life.
I wish I could hold you
for I want you to notice that I’m here for you.

You should know that no words can describe you.
Though I still wish I could write a poem about you
I know it’ll be such a mess
for you are such a indescribably greatest thing that happen in my life.

Should you be the last thing I see?
Won’t you know that you’re enough for me?
For all that you are is all that I’ve ever needed…

I wish that we could be together.
Forever till we are in heaven,
For there’s no heaven without you…


If Your Man Truly Loves You


Dear you,

You should know
that if your man truly loves you

He will profess you.

He will tell the world that you’re
his lady, his queen, his lover.
He would never hide you.

He will provide you

Maybe he won’t be always around you
but he will do anything to make sure
you get anything that you need.

He will protect you

He would never let anyone hurt you
not even himself.
He would make sure that you are always save.

You should know
That’s how he shows his love.
And if your man truly loves you
He would never give up on you.

A Little Note For You


Dear you,

I shouldn’t have stopped writing
for you’re still here with me
You’re my muse
and somehow you’re more than that.

I could write you a poetry
and to hear you reading it
will light up my entire world
with indescribable feeling.

I love to write about you
not because I want to show them off
but more because I want you to know my feelings.
I really hope you can feel it…


How Could I Define You?

Dear you,

He was asking about you.
And what should I say?
There is no us
And you are just you.

You were my love,
My one, my only word.
But you left me
And I let you.

He kept asking about you.
What should I say?
I couldn’t define you
Not anymore.

You are just you.
You are just like any other guy
We might be in the same path
But we chose to fall apart.