Your Voice


Dear you,

We talk through lyrics
that could fill my entire word
with admiration and love.

I love the way you close your eyes,
and the way you smile
when you sing that song.

I’ve never felt this way before,
or maybe I did…
but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Only one thing that’s matter..
That’s you.
You are matter to me.

More than anything in the world
and I know that
I’ve already fallen for your voice…


The Chorus

Dear you,

Pop and rock; You and I. You know that I love to sing. You know we’re so into in music. As the rhyme brings the melody. As the music turns to loud. You cry as I sing you a lullaby. I cry as you whispering me a serenade.
The Chorus is still the same. Nothing change. The only thing that’s different is us. You and I.

We both know, I hate this song. Because it was written for you…