Your Voice


Dear you,

We talk through lyrics
that could fill my entire word
with admiration and love.

I love the way you close your eyes,
and the way you smile
when you sing that song.

I’ve never felt this way before,
or maybe I did…
but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Only one thing that’s matter..
That’s you.
You are matter to me.

More than anything in the world
and I know that
I’ve already fallen for your voice…


Last Song


Dear you,

“Listen to this song,” he said. That was the very first time you told me about your favorite music genre, your favorite band. That time, I was just smile and nodded my head. I did hear the music but it wasn’t because I really want to hear them. I listen them because of you. Because I want to know you more. Because I want to hear the song that always makes your day.

So here I am. I still do listen to that song. I keep repeating it all the time. The song is totally touchy, sad and more of that just for me. The lyrics perfectly fit on me. The lyrics feed my soul in the way that I could never explain.  I am addicted to this song.

So here you are, smiling instead of giving me a smirk. “I know you will like this song,” he said.  All that I want to say is; “No baby, I don’t like this song but I do love this song. I love the lyrics. I love the rhyme. And I should say I love you more for telling me such this precious song.” But I didn’t say it. I just give him a smile– a kind of lovable and peaceful smile– and keep all that I want to say inside of me.

“This song was saved my life in a way that you’ve done to me” he said while pulling me into his arms, tugging me a soft unmissable kiss.


It’s not the song that makes you emotional,
it’s the people and things that come to your mind when you hear it.