A Little Reminder


Dear you,

I hope you’re smiling now
Cos’ there’re lots of things
that are waiting for you.

I wish you could believe in yourself
as much as I believe in you.
Believe it, You matter.

Be brave, honey
You truly are more than you think
You’re precious.

And by that,
I want you to know that
you don’t have to be ordinary.

Because you’re already special to me.


My Excuse


Dear you,

People ask me
how do I know that it’s love.
Oh, how should I explain it?

We know that we could never define love.
Love is not something to be defined.
It’s something to be felt.
Feel it and you’ll understand.

People ask me
how do I know that you’re my love.
My love.
Oh, how should I explain my love for you?

We know that my love for you is true.
And I know that I start loving you
the day I excuse every single
thing you do to break my heart.

Like We Used To

Like we used to…

Dear you,

It happens every time
If it counts I’ll lose my courage
when I need it the most.

It’s been years, I know.
But it would never change a thing.
It’s still hurt the same.

It happens every year,
In the same date
When I should be the happiest person in the world.

I know one day,
I’ll lose my courage.
I know one day, I need to stop.

But this year,
I still want you.
And I just wish that we could do
every little things like we used to.

My Answer

My answer…

Dear you,

I keep questioning myself,
Why do you choose me?
Why do you love me?
Why do you care of me?

You know I can’t do this to you.
People like me will just hurt you.
My love can’t compare to yours.
I don’t even know to say it without hurting yours.

I don’t deserve you.
Or we can just say that
you deserve someone’s better.
Better than me.

But I guess you’ve made up your mind.
You choose to love me.
You take any risk of getting hurt.
Now, let me tell you what I will do.

I will let you love me.
I will learn how to love.
I will trust you.
And make believe that we can make it through .