Beautiful Ending

Dear you,

We met in nowhere but here,
Without a simple hello
or a smile while we shared our gaze.

I thought it was such a destiny to meet you,
But it was my choice to get to know you.
And fell in love with you was out of my control.

How could we fall for each other?
With nothing but true feeling.
With a little faith to make it true.

How could we manage to stop this feeling?
When anything that I wanted was
you and I to be together.

I wish we could make it work
and have a beautiful ending for us.




True Love

Dear you,

I think it’s love
when you turn my world
up side down.

I think it’s love
when you take my breath away
and leave me breathless.

I think it’s love
when you shine my way
with nothing to compare.

But I know it’s love
when you say that you love me
and show me that our love is true.


Perfectly Perfect

IMG-20180115-WA0003 new

Dear you,

I should write you this
for I want you to know that you matter
You aren’t just nobody
You are somebody special for me.

You might think that you are ordinary
But you are more than just extraordinary for me.
I love every single thing about you,
And I know I love you more and more each day.

Sometimes I wonder
How I could survive before I know you,
Now I wonder
How I could live without you.

You turn out to be
Someone extremely important for me
For all that I know
You are perfectly perfect for me.

New Year Love

Dear you,

I saw the night sky,
Full of beautiful stars.
I heard those voices,
Sweet laughter and talk.

I loved watching fireworks,
Beautiful and noisy in the same time.
I adored its ability to amuse us,
Captivated us in such lovely sparks.

I thought that’s the way we love,
We made noise in a beautiful way,
Shared all the laughter,
And somehow just enjoyed their presence.

I wondered how you might feel about me,
Did you feel the way I did?
or somehow you just felt so much more,
until it hurt and took your breath away…

Your Day


Dear you,

It’s been a while
yet your day always turns me down.
I thought I’m stronger
but I don’t.

I miss you.
And even though I try to be cool,
I can’t get over you.
I still want you.

I can’t believe this feeling.
It’s been years,
but I still feel the same.
I can’t forget you.

I want to start over,
but your day kills me.
Your day is always be my saddest day
when I should face the truth.

I have lost you.
And even though I still hold on,
I already know that you’ve moved on.