Let Me Know You.


Dear you,

Sometimes I wish
that you could understand me.
So I don’t need to explain it
or describe my feeling towards you.

Sometimes I wish
that you could be blunt.
So I could show you my feelings
and share my secrets.

Sometimes I wish
that you somehow notice it.
So there’s no more space
between us.

Be honest to me
and let me know it.
Let me know you,
so I could show my love to you.


You Are Enough


Dear you,

Sometimes you have to
get a nerve to start over
Stop worrying things
that might not happen.

You’re too precious
to think that you’re not enough.
You are enough
You are enough for someone.

Don’t let him treat you bad
and make you believe
that you’re not enough for him
Because in fact, you are enough.

You are enough to be loved
You are enough to feel the love.
You are more than just enough
for someone who treat you like that.

Leave him, girl.
You’ll find someone better.

Her Question

Dear you,

“How do you know that it’s love?”
“How do you know that he’s the one?”

I was smiling, hearing that question
And It caught my attention
Because I could never give her an answer

There’s no word to explain it
Because love is something that shouldn’t be questioned
Love is something that couldn’t be described.
Love is something to be felt

“In time, you will know that it’s love
and you will know that he’s the one.”

Virtual Love

It’s you, me, and everything about us…

Dear you,

We fall in love
through the screen,
With a person
we’ve never seen.

There’s no touch,
nor hugs and kisses.
There’re only words
and the sounds of voices.

They say its fake,
Virtual love is nothing but a fake.
But we just don’t care,
We’ll just playing fair.

There’re no promises,
We don’t share such things.
There’re only faiths and hopes.
For us to embrace our feelings.

Sometimes we’re afraid of future,
Sometimes we’re afraid of losing each other.
But then we realize
How could we’re so afraid of losing
something that wasn’t even ours?

It’s You

It’s you…

Dear you,

I would never regret the time
we shared together.
Though it’s only a memory now.

I would never forget you
and every little things we do.
Though now I’m already losing  you.

Oh, how I wish I could be with you
and spend the rest of my life,
with sharing every little things to you.

But I know, nothing can last forever
and I know sometimes letting go is
another way to say I love you.

I love you babe,
I love you with all your little things.
And I know that it’s you.

It will always be you
the only one
who can make me feel so right.