Your Day


Dear you,

It’s been a while
yet your day always turns me down.
I thought I’m stronger
but I don’t.

I miss you.
And even though I try to be cool,
I can’t get over you.
I still want you.

I can’t believe this feeling.
It’s been years,
but I still feel the same.
I can’t forget you.

I want to start over,
but your day kills me.
Your day is always be my saddest day
when I should face the truth.

I have lost you.
And even though I still hold on,
I already know that you’ve moved on.


Things I Learnt

hd-sad-girls-wallpapers-750x441Dear you,

I once thought that I enjoyed being alone
until I knew you.
You taught me that sometimes
two is better than one.

You taught me that it’s okay
to be weak in front of others.
and i’s okay to cry sometimes.

You made me believe that
it’s okay to trust someone
and to share your true feeling.

I once thought that I was fine
until you healed my darkest scars.

So tell me,
how should I be fine now
when you’re gone

Love You Anyway


Dear you,

Sometimes I wonder
how love can change people
Sometimes it makes them stronger
but sometimes, it just destroys them.

Sometimes I wonder
how does it feel
to stop loving you
or to not being loved by you.

I suppose
there will be no answer for that
since I love you,
and I couldn’t get over you.

But baby,
You should know

is giving someone the power
to destroy you,
and trusting them not to.

The Strange Thing


tumblr_ntxgmawea51qavliso1_500Dear you,

Isn’t it strange
to think about you more and more?
Isn’t it strange
to wonder what you’re searching for?

Of course
It’s strange
but sometimes,
you just don’t care.

I know it’s strange
for us to end up this way
We can’t be a lover
yet we can’t be just friend.

Tragedy of Love


Dear you,

You know, sometimes I wonder
What do you think about me
or when do you think of me

I think you’re enough
and I do think about you,
a lot. More than I should do.

I’ve been addicted to you
and somehow I’m afraid that
there’ll be one day that you’ll stop to care.

Then it’s happen.
You’ve gone.
Now, I wonder how you will see me.

Am I a girl that you loved
or a girl that you left?

I Let You Go


Dear you,

It’s been a while
Yes, I know.
We’ve moved on
and some how it feels good.

I write this to tell you
that I’m fine
and even though it sounds impossible
I can manage my feelings.

I’m happy now
and by saying that I wish
you felt the same way.
This will be best for us.

Letting go is not always bad
Sometimes, that’s just the right thing to do
Not because we stop loving each other
But more because we realize
that love doesn’t always mean to be together.