Things I Learnt

hd-sad-girls-wallpapers-750x441Dear you,

I once thought that I enjoyed being alone
until I knew you.
You taught me that sometimes
two is better than one.

You taught me that it’s okay
to be weak in front of others.
and i’s okay to cry sometimes.

You made me believe that
it’s okay to trust someone
and to share your true feeling.

I once thought that I was fine
until you healed my darkest scars.

So tell me,
how should I be fine now
when you’re gone


I Will Understand


Dear you,

Let me be blunt to you.
Maybe you don’t expect this
but let me tell you one thing.

I love you
and if you don’t love me,
as I do you;
I will understand…

Just please…
don’t make me feel wanted
when all you wanna do
is just leaving me broken.

Here We Go Again


Dear you,

Here we go again,

Cry with a feeling of what we can’t

handle no matter what,

Scream with a voice of what we can’t

hear no matter what


Here we go again,

Blaming the world for doing something’s bad,

Insulting everyone for what they’ve already had


Here we go again,

Losing hope for ages,

Breaking into pieces for times,

Waiting for someone who would never come


Here we go again,

Haven’t even known what we love,

We blast such a beauty into nothing…



No More Hopes

Dear you,

Time passed as I walked on by.

There are no more hopes for us. No more heroes.

I know I should stay but all I want is just run away.


I thought I could be stronger but we both know that I’m not that strong.

I know this isn’t the first time but why do this one really carve in it?


I hope you could tell your  new friends;

To tell them that they don’t know you like I do.

To tell them that no one knows you like I do.

Sadly it’s all over though I still hope to see you again and feel it all again.


Just Try A Little Harder


Dear you,

I could  stand here alone and  just wishing for the truth. You know I do it all to you. I stay yet I know I could never leave this place.

But do you ever think about me? Do you ever think about how I really feel when you leave me? Do you ever wonder how much pain that you’ve already given me?

I know I could blame it all to you. I could show you my scars but I won’t. I just want to know about yours. Wondering if you get the same scars. Wondering if you could share yours and I’ll forget mine.

I wonder if I really tried everything I could. I have tried all my best to make you stay. But I know you’ve already made up your mind. You’re leaving.

Now, I’m still wondering if I really tried everything I could. And not knowing if I really should try a little harder.





Losing Hope


Dear you,

I fall for you, for thousand times.


The one who can make me dance in the moonlight. The one who can make me shine brighter than the sun. The one that can make me feel alive.

I fall for you, for thousand times.


The one that I hope I find, in every single way. The one that I hope I meet, in every time I walk on by. The one that I hope I hold, in every where I go.



You would never fall for me, for thousand times, like I do to you. Maybe one time is enough for you.

So, I’m not even trying to hope, not anymore;

since I was never very good at hoping and you were never very good at giving me a reason to.