You Were Never Really Mine

alone-girl-cute-jeans-beachDear you,

I think I know now,

The big reason you were so hard to lose

Is because I never really had you

In the first place


You never allowed yourself to just love me

Without worrying more about if I loved you

Or fearing that the past would repeat itself

Or our future would end badly


You were always on the lookout for signs

That what we had wasn’t real

And so it never really was

I know it’s all that you believe


I think I know now

The only reason why you left me broken

And I think I do realize now,

The way you said that you don’t deserve me


Because you were never really mine.



The Same Questions


Dear you,

Would you hold me when I’m shaking?

when no one notice,

that I’m afraid of standing,

with a heart full of consequences


Would you stand by me?

when everyone leaves me all behind,

tries to not even care of me,

and passes by with a thought in their mind


Would you look at me?

even just for a moment,

covering me with a sight of bliss,

that you think as a kind of torment



Would you remember me when you look over the star?

With every sparkle consists of a painful scar,

You know, I can’t sleep without your breathing

And I can’t breathe each time you’re leaving.



Another Night Wasted On You

Dear you,

This feeling is just keep tearing me apart.

And I scream every words you couldn’t hear.

I know I shouldn’t be alone in this boulevard.

But guess whom I want to be here?



Yeah, it’s you. It seems like I’m fooling myself. But still, it’s just you.


Tonight, I know I can’t count every stars. I also can’t tell you how much I wished for those lucky stars. But you should know, I just ask for one wish. I may ┬ánot asking for your love since I know you would never give it. I may not asking you to take a look of me, again. I may not asking you to be the old you.

I just want to hear your voice. It’s been a long time since the last time I hear you sing.