You Should Be Happy

Dear you,

You should be happy.
You should be strong.
You should live.
You should enjoy your life.

Don’t expect someone to make you happy.
Because it’s your life.
You should be the who make it.
Create your own happiness.

You should be happy.
You deserve to feel it.
It’s your life.
You have to be happy, love…
As happy as you can be.



True Love

Dear you,

I think it’s love
when you turn my world
up side down.

I think it’s love
when you take my breath away
and leave me breathless.

I think it’s love
when you shine my way
with nothing to compare.

But I know it’s love
when you say that you love me
and show me that our love is true.


New Year Love

Dear you,

I saw the night sky,
Full of beautiful stars.
I heard those voices,
Sweet laughter and talk.

I loved watching fireworks,
Beautiful and noisy in the same time.
I adored its ability to amuse us,
Captivated us in such lovely sparks.

I thought that’s the way we love,
We made noise in a beautiful way,
Shared all the laughter,
And somehow just enjoyed their presence.

I wondered how you might feel about me,
Did you feel the way I did?
or somehow you just felt so much more,
until it hurt and took your breath away…

Let Me Know You.


Dear you,

Sometimes I wish
that you could understand me.
So I don’t need to explain it
or describe my feeling towards you.

Sometimes I wish
that you could be blunt.
So I could show you my feelings
and share my secrets.

Sometimes I wish
that you somehow notice it.
So there’s no more space
between us.

Be honest to me
and let me know it.
Let me know you,
so I could show my love to you.

Facing The Truth


Dear you,

I have known you for so long,
yet I feel like I know nothing about you.
Sometimes I wonder
do I really know about you?

Time goes fast
and even though we keep talking,
I know that there will always be
an empty space between us.

I have known you for so long,
yet I feel like we don’t match at all.
We are different,
and it doesn’t make any sense now.

Do not let time confuses you.
We might have known each other for so long.
But I know that I should face the truth.
You’re not the one.

A Little Reminder


Dear you,

I hope you’re smiling now
Cos’ there’re lots of things
that are waiting for you.

I wish you could believe in yourself
as much as I believe in you.
Believe it, You matter.

Be brave, honey
You truly are more than you think
You’re precious.

And by that,
I want you to know that
you don’t have to be ordinary.

Because you’re already special to me.