You Could Be Happy

You could be happy…

Dear you,

You could be happy and I won’t know.
But you weren’t happy the time I let you go.
You could be happy with anyone else
Though you kept saying that you don’t need anybody else.

You could be happy, I hope so you are
Because you’ve made me happy so far.
You could be happy without me
Though you kept saying that there’s no life without me.

You could be happy, babe
You just need to open your heart.
You must be happy, babe
Because your happiness was my only hope.



He May Still Love You


Dear you,

I found this work in a shattered piece of broken letter. I don’t own this words. I’ve just found it in the middle of nowhere. I read it and all I could do is just standing with this blurry eyes.

“He may still love you.
He probably does.
He probably doesn’t know what he wants.
He probably still thinks about you all the time.

But that isn’t what matters.
What matters is what he’s doing about it,
and what he’s doing about it is nothing.
And if he’s doing nothing, you most certainly shouldn’t do anything.

You need someone
who goes out of their way to make it obvious
that they want you in their life.”


Last Song


Dear you,

“Listen to this song,” he said. That was the very first time you told me about your favorite music genre, your favorite band. That time, I was just smile and nodded my head. I did hear the music but it wasn’t because I really want to hear them. I listen them because of you. Because I want to know you more. Because I want to hear the song that always makes your day.

So here I am. I still do listen to that song. I keep repeating it all the time. The song is totally touchy, sad and more of that just for me. The lyrics perfectly fit on me. The lyrics feed my soul in the way that I could never explain.  I am addicted to this song.

So here you are, smiling instead of giving me a smirk. “I know you will like this song,” he said.  All that I want to say is; “No baby, I don’t like this song but I do love this song. I love the lyrics. I love the rhyme. And I should say I love you more for telling me such this precious song.” But I didn’t say it. I just give him a smile– a kind of lovable and peaceful smile– and keep all that I want to say inside of me.

“This song was saved my life in a way that you’ve done to me” he said while pulling me into his arms, tugging me a soft unmissable kiss.


It’s not the song that makes you emotional,
it’s the people and things that come to your mind when you hear it.


Love Can Do Terrible Things


Dear you,

She sits by the water

waiting, thinking, listening

for all she can ever want is the man of her dreams

but most of them are mean.


She sits by the water

crying of shame

because she can’t get a man

and she thinks she’s the blame.


But then one day

a man came along

swept her off her feet

and gave her everything that she asked for.


Time passes,

she still sits by the water

thinking of her new love

wondering that he might be her last.


But everything’s changed

he loves her too much,

too much love can bring so much hurt

and it really does.


Now, she’s sitting by the water,

looking to her reflection through the water

and with tears on her cheek

she’s trying to fix her scattered heart.


She’s sitting by water

crying of shame

for believing that she might be his last

instead of being his past.


At least she learns something,

Love can do terrible things.


Sometimes I Feel Like You’ve Known Me Forever

Dear you,

Sometimes, I feel like you’ve known me forever

For you always know how to make me feel better,

You’re the one who turns me into brighter,

Makes my whole life to be greater and greater


I swear, I thought you were the one forever

Because I thought no one suits me any better

You made me feel like I’m your one forever

But why you’ve made me like another dreamer?


I thought I’ve already known you like forever

To know that everything you’ve said is true,

To believe that you can make me happier,

To trust that your love for me is true



It’s not like you unpredictable,

Though you’re so irresistible

It’s more about your act which is so believable.


Oh baby,

Maybe it’s not about you who are so flawless

Maybe it’s just me who’s being so defenseless…


Sometimes, I feel like you’ve known me forever,

For you’re the one you could make feel this way

Or else to make me fall in love again, in all your way



Memorable Thought


Dear you,

I’ve been crying all alone tonight

Hoping that you’ll hold me tonight

But it doesn’t feel so right

Since we’re still in a fight


I’ve been thinking about our precious glory

When we’re happy and there’s no worry

Well, it keeps my eyes blurry

Since I know it’ll just only a memory


I’ve been wasting my time

just to think about you, about our past

Oh, how I wish I could turn back the time

and make sure I’ll make it last


Forever Mine


Dear you,

I wish I could stop the time and make this time last forever.

I wish I could love you and make sure that we are stronger than ever.

I wish I could hold you tight and make you forever mine.

But I thought you have already make up your mind.


We are just end.

We are over.

We are broke up.

And it’s called break up ‘cos it broken.