Lesson in Life


Dear you,

As we grow older,
we will understand

that sometimes:

There are things we want
that we can’t get
There are people we hate
but always help

there will be someone
who we can’t live without
but have to let go.


I’m Done Tonight.

Dear you,

Tonight I’ll make it clear for you.
I’m done, babe.
I’m totally done with this.

You should understand
that keeping us together
won’t change a thing.

We’ve already broken from the start.
There’s no way to fix it up.
Sometimes, things just won’t work.

No matter how hard we try,
We won’t make it right.
I’m done, babe.

I’m really done tonight.

One Last Message

Dear you,

I hope one day
you will understand
that when it’s done,
it’s totally done.

I know it hurts us so bad,
but isn’t it what we’ve already got from the start?
Just let go,
there’s nothing left behind for us.

It’s over now,
and by saying that
I hope you move on,
and don’t ever look back.

We should be happy,
and it’s obvious
that us being together
is far from happiness itself.

Be happy,
and don’t waste your time on me.


Goodbye For Now

Dear you,

Sometimes saying goodbye
is a better way to love.
Saying goodbye never means that
we stop to love.
Sometimes it means that
we care enough to give choices.

I would never force you to stay
nor I would keep you by side
if you don’t want it.
I let you to choose
and I’m happy with every choice you’ve made.

I let you go
but that does mean I let my feelings go.