The Strange Thing


tumblr_ntxgmawea51qavliso1_500Dear you,

Isn’t it strange
to think about you more and more?
Isn’t it strange
to wonder what you’re searching for?

Of course
It’s strange
but sometimes,
you just don’t care.

I know it’s strange
for us to end up this way
We can’t be a lover
yet we can’t be just friend.


Common Rule

Dear you,

You should know.
This is the common rule,

When your lover says
let’s just be friends…

It means never talk again.

I Am Tired Of You

I am tired of you…

Dear you,

I am tired of you-
your complaints, your sadness,
irritate me, torture me in a way
I could never explain.

You cry to me,
blaming the world
for your troubles,
though that’s your fault for choosing it.

You make me listen,
all you complaints without even
ask if I’m alright or not.
You just keep complaint.

You make me there for you,
be the one for you to hold,
and to listen you,
to comfort you.

You were my baby
and I loved you.
But now I know,
I am tired of you.

I need my own happiness,
without you keep comparing it
with yours.

I need a space from you-
I need you to stop,
to change,
to let me go.