Worthless Words.


Dear you,

I love you,” he said.
But I said, “No…”

Oh Love,
I hope you’ll understand.

That sometimes we
don’t need a declaration.
All we need is an action.

And by that,
we know that you truly care.


One Last Message

Dear you,

I hope one day
you will understand
that when it’s done,
it’s totally done.

I know it hurts us so bad,
but isn’t it what we’ve already got from the start?
Just let go,
there’s nothing left behind for us.

It’s over now,
and by saying that
I hope you move on,
and don’t ever look back.

We should be happy,
and it’s obvious
that us being together
is far from happiness itself.

Be happy,
and don’t waste your time on me.


The Same Ending.

Dear you,

Tell me who’s to blame?
For making it feels so terrible.
Tell me who’s to blame?
For I’ve been so tired to feel this way.

I know,
I shouldn’t let me off of guard.
I know,
I should resist you from the start.

Because it’s always end up like this.
We are always too good to be true.
And I know you’ll leave me,
once I start falling for you.