Dear you,

Don’t expect the word
will be fair to you
because it wouldn’t
that’s the way things are.

Don’t treat yourself
like you’re the only who has problems
because people have their problem
they’re just wise enough to solve it
rather than complain it
to the world.


Some Days

Dear you,

Some days,
I feel everything at once.
Other days,
I feel nothing at all.

Some days,
I thought you’re mine.
Other days,
I know you’d never be mine.

These Words Would Never Be Enough

Dear you,

I think, I’ve been writing a lot, and everything that I write always leads into you. I feel like I fall in love with your memories. That’s why I keep writing all of these things to you. Sometimes, I thought I’ve already moved on and let you go. But then I realize, I’m still in love with you–your memories. I fall in love with every little things you did, every single pictures that you took, every song that you sang. I’m desperately in love with your memories.

“You shouldn’t love too much,” he said.

“Because it will hurt you so much,” I said.

And I really mean every single word I said.

Living In The Nightmare

Dear you,

You know,
I can’t wake up.
I’m living in the nightmare
that keeps playing over again.

You know,
I’m just too scared
to tell you the truth
because my heartache can’t take anymore.

You know,
I’m broken and bruised,
hopeless but hoping
that one day you could change your mind.

You know,
I’ve been longing for you.
For that I know, we’ll make it through
and you’ll say “I love you”.

The Girl Everyone Hates


Dear you,

She’s still hanging by the moment
knowing that everyone hates her.
Her tears stop falling down
because she has no tears anymore

She’s still hanging by the moment
though she keeps running from the truth,
hiding from every judgment
that kills her little by little

She’s still hanging by the moment
waiting for a man who can help her.
Someone who will bring her to the happiness,
and ease every scars of her broken heart

She’s still hanging by the moment
wondering about that man of her future.
She knows he’s just one of her fake creature,
but at least he knows how to make her smile.

Now, She thanks to God
for letting her smile even just for a moment.