Facing The Truth


Dear you,

I have known you for so long,
yet I feel like I know nothing about you.
Sometimes I wonder
do I really know about you?

Time goes fast
and even though we keep talking,
I know that there will always be
an empty space between us.

I have known you for so long,
yet I feel like we don’t match at all.
We are different,
and it doesn’t make any sense now.

Do not let time confuses you.
We might have known each other for so long.
But I know that I should face the truth.
You’re not the one.


Love You Anyway


Dear you,

Sometimes I wonder
how love can change people
Sometimes it makes them stronger
but sometimes, it just destroys them.

Sometimes I wonder
how does it feel
to stop loving you
or to not being loved by you.

I suppose
there will be no answer for that
since I love you,
and I couldn’t get over you.

But baby,
You should know

is giving someone the power
to destroy you,
and trusting them not to.

All The Things That I Want

Dear you,

Sometimes I want to scream so loud
for I want you to understand
that I’ve been trying so hard to let go
and it kills me to admit that we’re done.

Sometimes I want to cry over and over
for I want to let all the feelings go away
so I will let go and won’t hold onto
every broken promises that we shared.

Sometimes I just want to write
all the things that I feel
so you will understand,
how hard it is for me to move on.

Sometimes I just want to be alone
because it will saves me
from every single things that might hurt me.

I know,
It will save me from getting hurt.
It will save me from you.

I’m Done Tonight.

Dear you,

Tonight I’ll make it clear for you.
I’m done, babe.
I’m totally done with this.

You should understand
that keeping us together
won’t change a thing.

We’ve already broken from the start.
There’s no way to fix it up.
Sometimes, things just won’t work.

No matter how hard we try,
We won’t make it right.
I’m done, babe.

I’m really done tonight.

One Last Message

Dear you,

I hope one day
you will understand
that when it’s done,
it’s totally done.

I know it hurts us so bad,
but isn’t it what we’ve already got from the start?
Just let go,
there’s nothing left behind for us.

It’s over now,
and by saying that
I hope you move on,
and don’t ever look back.

We should be happy,
and it’s obvious
that us being together
is far from happiness itself.

Be happy,
and don’t waste your time on me.