The Fact

Dear you,

It’s happen.
We fall in love.
We build our love.
And when we almost make it true,
It falls into pieces.

It’s happen.
It might end up that way.
Because everything that falls,
gets broken.


2 thoughts on “The Fact

  1. Dear Lizzy,
    What happens when we fall in love,
    What happens when we build our life in our heart.
    Do we become stronger, for we loved.
    Or do our heart weaken from the blows.
    Where do we go when we made that love our home.
    Where do start when the love was where everything began.

    I know glass breaks when it falls,
    But was it so unstable from the start.
    Why do WE hold something so brittle, so dear?
    Why can’t love be something like a ball?
    So that when we slip and fall,
    We just bounce back and call,
    All the memories that could give,
    A few more days for love to live.

    -For all the love your poems share.

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