When The Love Has Changed

When the love has changed

Dear you,

I once said
that I will wait for you.
You smiled and caressed me,
believed that I will keep that promise.

I once said
that I won’t give up on us.
You nodded and hugged me,
believed that I will fight for us, no matter what.

But baby,
You can’t make someone
wait you for too long.
Because people change,
even love.
Neither stronger or apart.



6 thoughts on “When The Love Has Changed

  1. Nothing is permanent, so this applies to love as well. People change their priorities as per the demand of the situation, hence same goes with the love as well. So, it’s better to fall in love with yourself only. 🙂

    • Yeah sometimes I kinda agree with it. And whenever I think about it, this sentence always comes in my mind, “Love yourself so no one have to.”

      • Sometimes it’s hard to accept and make our self convinced for which we have two thoughts like whether to go for it or to forget, but at the end we need to go with the later one. I found it very difficult in the beginning for two years afterwards I was accustomed to live as per the reality.

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