To Stop Waiting You

Dear you,

You know,
I thought I can keep on moving
Doing all the things that I love
Reaching all my dreams

I once thought
That I could leave you behind
Ease those scars
And bury all those pains

But tell me,
What should I do?
I can’t get over you

And even my poetry
somehow, always related to you
It’s still about you.

Tell me what should I do,
When I know you’re not coming back
but that doesn’t mean I stop waiting you.





2 thoughts on “To Stop Waiting You

  1. It is really hard to leave someone who you love deeply. All the memories you shared together will fill up your mind, stranding yourself. I think only when the time fades, the wound will be healed…….. The scars is what are left behind.
    Nice poem 🙂 touching

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