Remember Me


Dear you,

Sometimes I’m a little sad
because you don’t take anything seriously
not even me

Sometimes I wish I could help you
because I know you never understand
how much everyone loves you
not even me

So here me now,
writing such a saddest line
for I still want you here with me.

I don’t care what people might think about me
They might call me hopeless
or not even romantic
I just don’t care.

I just want to write a line,
a kind that I hope makes you understand
how much I love you,
how much I care of you.

And by the time, you’ll notice this line
I hope you’ll change
or else you’ll open your heart

and remember me.


One thought on “Remember Me

  1. Reblogged this on Pretty Ordinary and commented:
    Obviously I’m reblogging tis post mainly for the image of the pretty girl alone on the beach at sunset, but the poem that accompanies it really adds to the mood of lonliness and longing. Have a look at others on the site, particularly if you have a strong emotional response to this one

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