The First Love I Lost

Dear you,

“You were the first one I loved,” I said.
You were smiling at me,
and I just nodded my head,
while my face turned into red.

“You’re also the first one I loved,” you said.
I was like stop breathing for seconds,
That words somehow gave me an electricity,
and it run all over my body, all over my heart.

That time, I knew I was in heaven,
You made me feel alive
You made me whole.
And all I needed was a whole lot of you.

But time has changed.
everything’s changed,
and it’s somehow changed your heart,
changed your love to me.

“You deserve someone’s better,” you said.
I knew I was trying my hardest to not cry.
When the moment’s hanging between us,
I realized, I should save every pieces of my broken part.

It was like millenniums.
We’re just keep silent,
letting the time ticking along,
and wasting every single second of our last time.

“Baby, I love you”
And with the last kiss you gave me,
I knew,
you were the first love I lost.



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