He May Still Love You


Dear you,

I found this work in a shattered piece of broken letter. I don’t own this words. I’ve just found it in the middle of nowhere. I read it and all I could do is just standing with this blurry eyes.

“He may still love you.
He probably does.
He probably doesn’t know what he wants.
He probably still thinks about you all the time.

But that isn’t what matters.
What matters is what he’s doing about it,
and what he’s doing about it is nothing.
And if he’s doing nothing, you most certainly shouldn’t do anything.

You need someone
who goes out of their way to make it obvious
that they want you in their life.”



12 thoughts on “He May Still Love You

      • Yea I know. It was so difficult until I almost give up but I forced more until now that I could already do it and ready to start a new relationship with another guy but yea still can’t find anybody that’s right for me though

      • Yeah but I do always believe that the time can heal the broken heart. Sooner or later, I believe we could move on and just look it as a memory. Well, I’m not telling you that I’ve moved on. I just try to move on and stop hoping on something I know I would never get.

      • Yes I also believe that and it does 😀 Now it all became my experience which I’ve already learned from it and now I’m getting stronger and stronger 😀 But you should move on and must move on and I believe that you can do it 😀

      • Yeah, thanks! I know I deserve someone’s better and he did say the same word to me. Right now, I just love to write; all the things that couldn’t be said, all the feelings that always hidden in our heart. Somehow it helps me feeling better 🙂

      • Yeah cuz that’s the right thing to do and it may be hard at first you know? yea I know and I know that you know it well. Me too, right now I just love to write and express all my feelings through writing lol you’re definitely right! I would always write things that I can’t say. Yea writing helps a lot with that 😀

      • Hahaha well my first work on here is for my English class assignment. I usually write a diary 😀 and yea I can express all of my feelings in my diary without being afraid that people will see hahaha 😀

      • Ohh that’s why! I saw your article. 🙂 Yep writing diary also a great idea and so classy. I love writing diary too 🙂 So nice to know that people keep doing it in this millennium era.

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