Her Birthday


Dear you,

She is overrated, to know that this day won’t be the same. Everything has changed and nothing left behind. You left her. You dumped her. And it’s been a year. You have moved on but she hasn’t. She just can’t move on. From you. From the memories.

It was a year ago. When she thought she owned the world, for having you beside her. She might think that she will lose you, sooner but later. But that time, she didn’t care, she won’t care. She just knew that she was happy with you. She just knew that you loved her and she loved you too. And for her, that was enough.

But today, her mind comes into her last year. She knows it’s unhealthy to keep the past. And she wouldn’t last for him since she’s now just his past. You should know, she knows everything has changed. There’s no more us for her. Her love goes into the last June. Her first and last summer.

Look at her now. Everyone might think she’s fine. She still smiles and laughs. And I bet it makes you feel that she’s okay. But actually, she’s not. She’ll never be okay. You have changed her all the way. And now her world stops spinning. And all her word is hanging by the three word she barely to say. She wants to say it yet she knows she shouldn’t confuse you with those words.

She cares of you. A little bit too much. And too much love can hurt so much. Now she’s still hanging by the moment since she hasn’t sleep very well since the last time you spoke to her. She might say she lets you go, with a side smile on her beautiful face. You might say it’s the best thing for her. But no, it’s the worst for her.

She’s crying now. Silently. Today is her birthday. You know, she should be happy, smile, and laugh. But instead of doing those good things, she’s just crying. Today isn’t her day though everyone greets and gives her so many wishes and gifts. Her day was in the last year. Only in the last year.

Tonight, you should know that all the love is still there. She still loves you. 

# written: 12th June 2013.


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