Love Can Do Terrible Things


Dear you,

She sits by the water

waiting, thinking, listening

for all she can ever want is the man of her dreams

but most of them are mean.


She sits by the water

crying of shame

because she can’t get a man

and she thinks she’s the blame.


But then one day

a man came along

swept her off her feet

and gave her everything that she asked for.


Time passes,

she still sits by the water

thinking of her new love

wondering that he might be her last.


But everything’s changed

he loves her too much,

too much love can bring so much hurt

and it really does.


Now, she’s sitting by the water,

looking to her reflection through the water

and with tears on her cheek

she’s trying to fix her scattered heart.


She’s sitting by water

crying of shame

for believing that she might be his last

instead of being his past.


At least she learns something,

Love can do terrible things.



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