She Won’t Last

Dear you,

You should know;

She moved on, and

I feel sorry for you,

because she thought

you were the most amazing boy ever.


If she could have had any guy

in the world,

she still would have picked you.


But now, you’re just

another part of her past,

and a memory more faded everyday.


And someday (like you said), she’ll find the one

she deserves, and he will make her

the happiest girl in the world.


She knows;

You have tried your best,

to make her happy,

to make learn her about love and being loved.


But someday,

She knows you will forget her,

you will forget her name,

her face, her smile.


And she will be just

another part of your past,

and a memory which more faded everyday.


She knows, she won’t last.



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