Writer’s Love


Dear you,

To read you is as same as to read a book,

you don’t know why you read it,

you just read it and keep reading it,

it conquers you like a hook,

you can’t get over it,

you want to stop the feeling but you keep growing it.


To feel you is as same as to feel a book,

you don’t need to touch it to know how it feels,

you just read it and the feeling is already there,

the feeling is the main point,

you don’t pay too much attention on its cover,

you just pay more attention on its stories, the inside


To love you is as same as to love a book,

you love its bad-smelling,

you love every pages of them,

and it mesmerize you with its words,

like a magic, it keeps running in your mind,

covering you with joy and sorrow


You know that you shouldn’t waste your time with it,

but you just can’t deny the feeling,

you keep read and read,

you read every pages, every words,

to make sure that you don’t miss anything,

you just want to know it better, to love it better


But everything will come to an end,

and you realize that you’ve spent too much time with it,

you close it with a smile and tears,

you’re happy enough to finally finish it,

but you’re sad the most to know that it’s already end,

you still want more, you always want more


To love you is as same to love a book,

and every pages always reminds me of you.



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