Between You And I

Dear you,

It was like a nightmare.

I was alone and I couldn’t think about anything else, but you.

I thought I need a therapy.

But I know, there’s no therapist could help me.

I just need you with me.

No one else, but you.


Somehow it makes me wonder about the thing between us.

Maybe it’s love. The little thing that I always adore.

Or maybe it’s just a space between us that somehow tears us apart.


But I guess, I know it wouldn’t be the matter.

The matter is I’ve already lost you.

I’ve lost for you the second time.


So let me tell you this,

Since I could never hide anything from you.

I know, I should tell you this,

Since he just tries to fill the space between us.


Between you and I, he could never compare to you.

Between you and I, there will always be a space between us.

Where he gives his love to me.

Where I give my love to you.




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