The Definition Of Love


Dear you,

Today I might get hurt. Oh, I thought I’ve already felt it. And yes I’m sick, sick of love.

But this hurt just gave me such the answer of everything that I always ask. This hurt just gave me a definition of everything that could never be defined. We know, It’s love, something that would never be defined yet we can feel it.

So I want to tell this to you. I tell this to you ‘cos  now I know what you mean of getting hurt. I’ve finally got the answer why that time you really meant it.

So I write it down to you. I write it ‘cos now I’ve already known it. I know what you mean, babe. Without your words to explain it all to me. Without your hands to hold me. Even without you here by my side, I’ve already known what you mean, babe.

It’s love. Something’s so beautiful that ever happened between us. Something’s so wonderful to be remembered yet something’s terrible to be forgotten. 

It’s love. Something that makes us stronger yet weaker in the same time. Something that makes us smile and cry in moment. It’s love, babe. It’s our love. 

So, now I want to show you, babe. It’s all still about love but it’s not about something to be defined. It’s more about something to be felt.

From now on, if someone ask me about Love. I know what I really should define it. Love is all the thing that revolves around you and in the end it will just revolve around you. Since you’re the Love. Love is You. You and always been you.


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