Not A Very Good Liar


Dear you,

They might look like a strong person. They pretend to be fine. They smile but deep inside, we both know they just keep hiding their true feeling.

It’s so shame, knowing that we can’t do anything to help them. Not because we don’t want to. It’s most because we already know that no one could help them. No one else but the one who always in their mind. Their lover.

So I stand here, thinking about them. About all those people who always pretend to be fine. I think about them who always say, “I’m all fine” with a fake-smile in their face. I think about their heart that might cry out loud at the same time. I think about their scars, their emptiness.

I think about them, not because I do care about them. It’s all because I really do know how it feels. I know how hurt it is. Pretending like everything is fine. Smiling like I’m the happiest person in this world. But deep down, I know. I’m just a very-good liar.

I might lie to anyone. I know, I really can do it. But why? Why can’t you do the same? Pretending like everything’s still the same. Pretending like there’s nothing wrong with us.

Then, I shut my mouth. I never ask it directly to you because I already got the answer by just looking into your eyes. I know you’re gonna say it right to me.

“Just because her eyes don’t tear, doesn’t mean her heart doesn’t cry. Just because she comes off strong, doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong.”

I know you don’t wanna pretend to be fine, yet you won’t make it up. Not again, not anymore.


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