One Of Those Girls

Dear you,

It was on November when you made me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. You really made me smile brighter than the sun. You colored my world, changed it into a better world for me to live.

It was on December when you kept me make-believe in everything you’ve said. You really lighted up my live. You made me brave to stay in the dark just because I know you’re in my side. You held my hand and told me hundred promises.

It was on January when you smothered me with your love. You hugged me, kissed me and saved me from anything that might hurt us. You wrapped me up with your  beautiful words.

It was on February when you made me became your only valentine. You made me believe that it was the most beautiful months in this year. You made all those girls envy just because I’m yours.

I know I can’t count all those beautiful months after that. I can’t even look back to memorize it all since I already lose it all. I do lose it all.

It was on November when we made it up. It was on November when we started it. But who will know about the ending?


All that I know, we just turn into pieces and you make me feel like I’m just one of those girls.




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