To Live In Equitable World


Dear you,

You made me feel like I finally find the one.

You made me feel like we will be last forever.

But, we both know that nothing will last forever. Everything starts and it just needs time to find the ending. No matter how hard we try to make it last, it would never be last. It would never happens.

I’ve waited all my life and I thought I’ve been feeling everything. But still, it doesn’t enough to pay our love. It still can’t compare it. The way your hands fit in mine. The way you hug me tight. The way you show me your love by just looking in your eyes.

It could never compare our feeling. The way your heart beats as fast as mine when we are together. The way you flirt me with your gasp. The way I calm you down with a little sweet lullaby. The way you suit in me and the way I always suit on you.

But still, it couldn’t be enough, babe. It would never be enough.



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