The Reason Why It Hurts The Way It Hurts

Dear you,

This time I know, it would never be the same,

So many things have changed.

This time I know, we would never be the same.

When I’m giving up everything for you.


I still have many doubts. There are a lot of things on my mind.

Something’s telling me to leave but I won’t.

I’ve been waiting for so long but you’ll never know.


Tell me what am I supposed to do?

since you’re only happy when I’m wasted.



7 thoughts on “The Reason Why It Hurts The Way It Hurts

  1. The second line “There’s so much thing changed” makes no sense. Should perhaps be “So many things have changed”??? I also believe the piece would really go well if you finished it off similar to a letter (i.e. you started with Dear You, therefore you should sign off to finish the letter too … could even use a call name to finish it off).

    I however enjoyed the premise of the piece and the style of writing suited it very well. Thanks for sharing.

    • thanks for your comment,
      Yeah I notice about the second line.

      I sign off the letter at the first time, but later I just erase and never sign in it again. I never send this letter.

  2. An interesting feel to this piece. I get the idea that this person you’re talking to is someone that only has fun when on a substance. Perhaps you changed, and this person has not. It feels dark, but almost with an edge to it, daring this person to apologize. Nice work.

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