As If I Can’t Move On

Dear you,

You know I still the same, even I don’t know how.

You know I still the same girl, even I don’t know why.

I stay and keep my heart broken. Yeah, I keep it broken, for you.  As I always be your light and you live to let me shine. You mean a lot, for me and I adore you as same as you fancy me.

Time goes. Day after day and times passes away. You know, they try to get you out of my mind. They try their best to get my attention or just to make me stop thinking about you. They want me to move on, to replace you, to forget you.

I’ve been broken into pieces for times. I get hurt and feel the pain. You know, I can understand that they just wanna make me start all over again and just try to live my life.

For the sake of our love; I still the same…

and you should know that I never want to betray you. 

But the worst part is I never want to replace you with any other man….


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