A Way Back Into Love


Dear you,

Today is a sunny day but it would never erase my gloomy heart. I’m broken. I’ve broken into pieces thousand times. I thought I’ll be fine and I’m just gone beyond repair but I got it all wrong. I would never be fine since the day you left me. You left me broken. You tore me apart…

I always wonder whether you are here with me, stay forever in my side. Sadly, it just turns out into my daily daydreaming. I’ve tried to forget you, to stop loving you. But it never works on me. I still think about you…

You know, I’ve tried my best to keep myself busy living, doing all those things just to make me stop thinking about you. I force myself to do many things. I read and write a lot in order to keep myself busy. But whenever I stop doing all those things, my mind just go back into you. I still miss you…

You know, I’ve tried my best to stop loving you. I’ve tried to open my heart again for anyone else. I let people to get closer with me. I hang out with them in order to make me feel happier and deep inside I hope one day I can stop loving you. But it’s all useless, I would never fall in love again since all I want is just you. I still want you, only you…

Somehow I wish I could just move on and find a way back into love…


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