Forever and Always

Dear you,

It’s been a while for me, knowing that I still wait for you. It’s been a difficult time for me. Everything’s changed. You, me and our life. It’s hard to not thinking of you. Whenever I heard a song, it always reminds me of you. It’s even hard to take a breath since I can smell you cologne in my room. I can see the vibrant gleams that in your eyes whenever I look into the mirror.

I thought I was in my day dreaming. I still can’t believe that it will end this way. Realizing that I can’t go with you or I can’t make you stay. I know, we both want you to stay with me, in my side. But we just couldn’t help it. You can’t stay though just for a little bit longer. You go as I saw you fade away.

I still remember about our last moment, when you’re saying such a bitterness of your lovely voice. As your voice become slower and slower. I know no one can hear it, but I can hear it clearly. I can hear it all when you’re saying that you love me forever, forever and always and please just remember even if you’re not here. You always love me forever and always…

I feel the same, the same way like you do. I always love you. Forever and always…



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